hot-melt glue spray machine

hot-melt glue spray machine

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this machine is used to spray hot melt glue on the nonwoven automatically.

such as strap ,gown ,bed sheet production etc.


1- X shaft 1000mm Y shaft 1200mm Z shaft 120mm

2- Max speed: 1000mm/second

3- zero point reset accuracy: ±0.05mm

4- control system: PLC

5- parameter setting saved: Max. 999

6- memory: 2G

7- documents: CAD, Coreldraw.

8-drive system: Japan step motor + Taiwan Guide

9- Max. Load: X/Y/Z  10KG/10KG/5KG

10- power of drive system: AC220V 50hz 1.2kw

11- weight:120kg

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