wet tissue production line

wet tissue production line

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Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 1 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description



Packing Item : spunlaced nonwoven ,heat-seal fabric,hot calender…
Fold Type : continue type , sheet type
Capacity : 2000-4000 sheets/min or 30-80 bags/min
Packing  Size : 10-120 sheets/bag , max height 80mm
Parent Roll Size :  max dia 1200mm  , width 600-1450mm ,
                               core dia : 76.2mm
Fold Size : length 100-250 mm , width 90-115mm
Open Size : length 100-250mm , width 150-300mm
Wetting System :  moistening system complete with 100%-400% ,
Film Holder Device : double holder, automatic tension controller
Cutting System : double parent roll cut into 12 channels
Feeding System : full automatic synchronization
Hole System : synchronization rotary cutter
Label System : synchronization sticker
Water Storage: two  sets of 600L stainless mixer tanks
Power : 3 phase AC380V,50/60 Hz, 15kw
Machine Space : L15600mm x W3800mm x H2250mm
Machine Weight :10000 kg
Remarks : machine made by stainless steel, special size by order.
Option Equipment:  Jet inker 
                            Glue sprayer