alcohol pad machine

alcohol pad machine

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Product Description

this machine is used to produce alcohol pad, injecttion swab.

1.        material: nonwoven 40~60gsm
2.        size: L 100-200mm × W 100-200mm
3.        folded size: L50-100mm × W25-35mm
4.        swab packaging  size: L50-90mm × W40-60mm
5.        folding type: several folding Longitudinally → one or two times folding crosswise
6.        alcohol feeding: auto
7.        capacity: 100-140 bag/minute
8.        power: 220V 50Hz 2.2KW
9.        weight:800kg
10.    dimension: L2500 x W1000 x H1450mm
11.    packaging dimension: L2700 x W1250 x H1600mm

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